Global counterfeiting efforts are a growing concern. Recent research studies found that in 2015 alone, global trade of counterfeit goods exceeded €330 billion, and the total number of units seized by customs across Europe exceeded 15 million (a 15% increase from the year prior)*. These counterfeit products often put consumers and business alike at risk and increasingly sophisticated operations are making these products difficult to distinguish.

As a global safety advocate and expert, UL continues to work diligently toward a safer tomorrow. Together with other country-specific and global organizations, our Global Security and Brand Protection team works to fight against counterfeit product in an effort to keep them off the market. At UL, we take a three-tiered approach to this issue, believing that education, enforcement, and partnership are paramount to protecting everyone.

In a recent European Parliament briefing, “Consumers and Businesses at Risk: Counterfeit Electrical Products Across Europe,” we had the opportunity to share our expertise and learn from other organizations’ anti-counterfeiting efforts. Working individually and in partnership is the best way to combat this growing problem and UL is proud to work with dedicated organizations in the EU and around the world.

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